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UOVO & The Avedon Foundation

March 10, 2017

We were delighted to kick off the Armory Show 2017 with a breakfast at the Richard Avedon Foundation.

During construction on their stunning new headquarters in Hell's Kitchen, The Richard Avedon Foundation was able to work out of UOVO’s Long Island City facility on a variety of important archival projects.

It was wonderful to visit the Foundation's new home, and to see some highlights from the upcoming Guild Hall exhibition, Avedon's America.

Many thanks to our friends at the Foundation for being such gracious hosts! 


2017-03-01 10.49.35.jpg


2017-03-01 10.49.49.jpg


2017-03-01 10.52.22.jpg


2017-03-01 10.52.54.jpg

UOVO EVP of Museum Collections and Exhibitions, Chris Wise

with Avedon Foundation Executive Director, James Martin



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